Waves & Woods Issue #37 (ENGLISH VERSION)

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Welcome to the 37th issue of Waves & Woods! Our latest issue is here, with something, and invites you to dive into a carefully curated collection of stories, interviews and adventures.

Here's a brief overview of some of the stories:

A car accident led 27-year-old Katey Shearer to photography. Today, she captures the wild moments in line-ups around the world with her camera. In an interview with us, she talks about her most inspiring adventures, the importance of surfing and sustainable practices. Find out more about her journey, challenges and future projects.

The "Breitling Book of Surfing" is a new 250-page book that highlights the stories and experiences of world riders around the world. Stars of the scene such as Kelly Slater and Steph Gilmore as well as lesser-known surfers such as Effie Vrakas and Freddie Meadows talk about their beginnings and the surfing communities that shaped them. In this issue, author Ben Mondy presents fascinating excerpts that show how different and inspiring the paths to success in surfing can be.

In a world of sports events that have been exploited to the hilt by the media, they still exist: well-kept secrets with legendary status. The Barkley Marathon is one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world, in which the few finishers conquer metres in altitude equivalent to two Mount Everests in 60 hours. The race over five unmarked laps through the forest, which nobody knows when it will take place, is an extreme journey to one's own limits. Find out more about the mysterious event that many have heard about but few have experienced for themselves.

In an age dominated by digitalisation, tugboat captain Calvin Grenkavich from Seattle brings us closer to the human side of his hard work through his analogue photography. Calvin manoeuvres huge cargo ships through the port of Seattle and captures the raw beauty of his working day with his cameras. His images offer an authentic look at the city's maritime heritage and show what traditional seafaring professions look like today in quiet moments.

World freediving champion Jennifer Wendland takes us on a journey to a depth of 120 metres. She talks about the physical and mental preparation for record dives and the unique feelings underwater. What can we as surfers use from these techniques to survive the next wipeout more calmly? We have asked.

Join us on a journey through Små- land, a Swedish region full of lush green forests, glistening lakes and friendly locals. Explore the unspoilt nature in Åsnen National Park and experience the fascination of a sea eagle safari in the Tjust archipelago. Discover the breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife that make Småland a paradise for nature lovers.

Our Waves & Woods head office, an old circus wagon in the countryside, is now self-sufficiently supplied with electricity thanks to a solar power plant. Together with the experts from Wattstunde and Solarkontor, we have found a simple but efficient solution that allows us to work sustainably and independently. This installation enables us to run all our office equipment on green electricity without the need for any technical expertise.

Spring is here and nature is calling - time to put a stop to the grey winter days and kick off the barbecue season with friends! In this special, we introduce you to companies and their product highlights that will make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.

In this issue we introduce you to the "Soul Arch" house by Frances and Wojtek Orzechowski. Nestled between the dunes of Robberg Beach and an unspoilt lagoon in Plettenberg Bay, this modern beach house is a dream come true for every surf and outdoor enthusiast. Designed by architect Tessa van Schick, "Soul Arch" combines natural materials such as untreated South African pine wood and Douglas fir. With large glass doors that provide a view of nature and an open-plan layout, it offers a perfect oasis of peace and relaxation for the active family.

The artist of this edition is Mike Sherman.

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