Waves & Woods Issue #36 (English version)

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Welcome to the 36th issue of Waves & Woods! Our latest issue is here and invites you to dive into a carefully curated collection of stories, interviews and adventures. Across 132 pages, we offer you insights into the world of surfing and outdoor life, packed with spectacular photography and - at least mostly - thoughtful writing 😊 - from in-depth conversations with inspiring personalities to accounts of unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors. We hope that you will discover new perspectives as you browse through the magazine and be inspired by the passion behind every article. Have fun with Issue #36.

Here is a brief overview of some of the stories:

Jeremy Bishop
Jeremy Bishop, a surf and outdoor photographer from California, shares insights into his photo album and his passion for exploring the world through his lens. He talks about his beginnings, his dreams and gives equipment tips.

The documentary film project "GUTS" by Marie Pfisterer and Patrizia Bruno takes us on a journey through north-west Africa, where they get to know the surf culture and inspiring women.

Endless Juice
"Endless Juice" shows how modern solar technology offers self-sufficiency for overlanders and camping enthusiasts, with practical solutions for travelling.

Sailing North
"Sailing North" reports on Niklas Marc Heinecke's sailing trip around Spitsbergen, which is full of natural beauty and challenges, including confrontation with the harsh nature and polar bears.

The film "Laxaþjóð - A Salmon Nation" exposes the negative effects of the farmed salmon industry in Iceland and calls for a rethink and action.

Hidden Gems
The road trip "Hidden Gems" takes you through the south-west of the USA, discovers undiscovered treasures and shows that adventures in the USA can be affordable.

Travel Bag Special 2024
The special presents a selection of travel bags, suitcases and boxes, suitable for every trip and every adventure.

Breaking Waves, Breaking Silence
Marcus Paladino shares his experiences with anxiety as a professional surf photographer and his path to self-acceptance.

Living Wild
"Living Wild: الماء" tells the story of The O, a remodelled fisherman's house in Imsouane that has become a meeting place for surfers and a symbol of Moroccan culture and community.



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